There are three assignments, worth a total of 10 points. Assignment A0 is your bonus assignment.

Assignments are to be completed individually. You may speak to your classmates about the ideas, but are not allowed to copy/paste one another's work. These are all (essentially) written assignments.

AssignmentValueDue Date
A0 Piazza Profile1%9/12
A1 Thinking About Design5%9/21
A2 User-Centered Design5%10/3

A0: Piazza Profile - 1%

In this assignment, your goal is to create a user profile on Piazza and sign up for your course on that website.

  • Create a Piazza profile
  • Find our course (under University of Calgary, and the search for CPSC 481)
  • Update your profile user profile
  • Post a reply to the thread entitled "Profiles". Your profile should include your name, your photo, something interesting about yourself, and an informal "resume" (e.g. what hobbies you like).

A1: Thinking About Design - 5%

Short description: You are to reflect on your experiences with designed technology and tools in your everyday life.

A2: User-Centered Design - 5%

Short description: You are to consider the IDEO methods for several different design problems, identifying which would be good methods for understanding the design problem, and arguing for why.